patch -- have samba_2_2 handle executable extensions

Green, Paul Paul.Green at
Mon Feb 10 16:59:27 GMT 2003

> This is a patch for samba_2_2 that changes it to handle any executable
> extensions. A while back I submitted a similar patch for head and 3_0,
> were applied in due course.

Due to an error in the build_farm scripts, after this patch is applied,
the samba_2_2 subcase within the "action_build" function in build_test.fns
must be changed so that it reads

	do_make everything


	do_make everything bin/smbtorture

Turns out that "everything" already includes building the smbtorture
(But if it didn't, the rule should have simply read "smbtorture" not

Patch attached.

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--- build_test.fns.old	Mon Feb 10 11:47:13 2003
+++ build_test.fns	Mon Feb 10 11:47:28 2003
@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@
 	    do_make proto everything torture
-	    do_make everything bin/smbtorture
+	    do_make everything
 	    do_make all

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