Ignoring printer errors

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Tue Feb 11 13:39:13 GMT 2003

Martin Zielinski wrote:
> ...
> CUPS currently does not support the IPP_SET_PRINTER_ATTRIBUTES call,
> but if implemented, SAMBA could e.g. pass options from the
> printer_info_2 struct to the spooler.

I'm not sure how well such things would translate, but in the
broader scope this would only work if smbd was running as root
(or as a member of the system group defined in the cupsd.conf
file) since otherwise none of the authentication would work.

Also, CUPS *does* provide the CUPS-Add-Modify-Printer operation
(which was added before the Set-Printer-Attributes operation was
proposed BTW) which provides a superset of that operation's

> In the first place I'm thinking of the printer attributes. "Keep
> printed files" would be such a case.

The CUPS PreserveJobFiles directive is not (currently, anyways)
a per-queue or per-job setting, so there would be no way to map
this to an IPP attribute right now...

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