Port 445 and multiple NBSS-Session request and Multiple smbd process

pradeepa.venkatswamy at wipro.com pradeepa.venkatswamy at wipro.com
Mon Dec 1 08:28:57 GMT 2003


We are facing below problem in the point and print scenario.Uploading
the drivers onto samba server and downloading onto windows client is

    1.But while doing large printing(around 100 jobs) from one
PC,multiple smbds are getting spawned for  that one PC.
        -What we could observe is that, there are multiple NBSS-Session
request coming from windows client and for one session request there is
smbd process.
        -One NBSS-session request is always  happening after a RST had
happened for port 445.(As far as we know port 445 is supported only in

      I would like to know why there is multiple NBSS-Session request
for single PC while doing pandp printing.
    Our undertanding is that there will be one smbd process for each PC
when connecting with IP and if we are connection with netbiosname there
will be one more smbd process.

    We would like to know why this is happening and how  to avoid
this?ie we want to have only one process running for one PC.We have "max
smbd process" configured due to our system restrictions.If multiple smbd
process are coming up for single PC,then it will create a problem to our

Any information on this will be helpful.


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