Port 445 and multiple NBSS-Session request and Multiple smbd process

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Mon Dec 1 18:04:24 GMT 2003

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 01:58:57PM +0530, pradeepa.venkatswamy at wipro.com wrote:
> Hi,
> We are facing below problem in the point and print scenario.Uploading
> the drivers onto samba server and downloading onto windows client is
> successful
>     1.But while doing large printing(around 100 jobs) from one
> PC,multiple smbds are getting spawned for  that one PC.
>         -What we could observe is that, there are multiple NBSS-Session
> request coming from windows client and for one session request there is
> smbd process.
>         -One NBSS-session request is always  happening after a RST had
> happened for port 445.(As far as we know port 445 is supported only in
> 3.0)

The clients should not be sending an NBT Session Request to port 445.  
>From my book:

    In testing, a Windows2000 system running naked TCP transport did not
    respond at all to an NBT SESSION REQUEST, and the client timed out
    waiting for the reply. This problem is neatly avoided if naked
    transport is attempted before NBT transport.

Samba will ignore the NBT Session Request on that port, but a Windows
server will simply not respond.

> Any information on this will be helpful.

That's all I've got.  I don't know of a client system that will send
RFC1002-style NBT Session Requests to port 445.

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