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samit ghosh samit.ghosh at patni.com
Thu Aug 14 14:32:43 GMT 2003


Presently I am in a project which is regarding transfering files/folders
from windows side and then mapping the windows permissions of that file into
corresponding Linux end with the help of access control list.

Now my problem is that when i add a user to a file in Linux end and set
permissions to that user for that file with help of setfacl command the
permissions are set properly for that new user. It can be seen with the
command getfacl.Next when i want to see the permissions of the new user of
the same file through samba it does show the new user name .Samba only shows
the Owner and Group of the file with their permissions.

I want to see the newly added user and his permissions.How to get it??
I will be grateful if i get some response regarding this.

Samit Ghosh

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