WinXP SP1 problems with profiles

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Sat Sep 14 18:06:01 GMT 2002

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 03:52:00PM +0200, Bartlomiej Solarz-Niesluchowski wrote:
> At 08:23 2002-09-04 +0100, Romeril, Alan wrote:
> >Hello Everyone,
> >    Looks like this all starts again with the release of a new SP.... ( 
> > One of the NT guys here has early access to it ).
> >Profile loading to WinXP SP1 clients from Samba 2.2.6-2 / 2.2.4 / 2.2.3a 
> >servers which don`t run winbindd do not work.
> >Unfortunately setting nt acl support = no does not help as it did with 
> >Win2K SP2 clients :(
> I do not use winbind too but i have the same problem with profiles:
> My logon samba serwer is RH73 (intel - samba 2.2.5) but userdirs are on 
> different machine Solaris 8 (sparc - samba 2.2.5)
> I tested that when I have in my logon serwer (oxygene - server with 
> homedirs ibs4) in smb.conf:
>          logon path = \\oxygene\%U\profile
>          logon drive = z:
>          logon home = \\oxygene\%U\profile
> then no error like "cannot create profile on servers because there are 
> permission problem" (disks from ibs4 are NFS mounted on oxygene)
> but when I try to change those lines to:
>         logon path = \\ibs4\%U\profile
>         logon drive = z:
>         logon home = \\ibs4\%U\profile
> profile does not work.
> BEFORE SP1 for XP there no such problem.
> I suspect that this problem is limited for SOLARIS because on my different 
> samba place (RH 73 intel, samba 2.2.5) there no such problem, and when i 
> change "profile" host from ibs4 (solaris) to oxygene (rh 73) all works 
> correctly.

This is because the client is checking the ownership SID
of the file and failing if it isn't owned by the current
(logging on) Domain SID. That's why it works with winbindd
and not without.

We're thinking about how to fix this - there are some horrid
hacks we could do......


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