WinXP SP1 problems with profiles

Bradley W. Langhorst brad at
Sat Sep 14 20:38:00 GMT 2002

there is aparently a setting on the client to ignore the permissions

> This is because the client is checking the ownership SID
> of the file and failing if it isn't owned by the current
> (logging on) Domain SID. That's why it works with winbindd
> and not without.
> We're thinking about how to fix this - there are some horrid
> hacks we could do......

according to Marc Berenschot
    I am not on the samba mailinglist and hope you don't mind me
    you directly.
    We also run into the roaming profile problem. Microsoft advised us
    do the following:
    This extra check can be disabled by setting the following Policy
    Open the Group Policy editor. Browse to: Computer Configuration =>
    Administrative Templates => System => User Profiles The option "Do
    for user ownership of Roaming Profile Folder" can be enabled or
    (The default is disabled)
    Note that if you want to add this policy to the Active Directory you
    have to create the GPO from a Windows XP workstation.
    It works on our site now, so we can both use win2k (SP3) and XP
    with roaming profiles on a Solaris Samba server without winbind.
    Marc Berenschot.
    Marc Berenschot                         Email:
    berensch at
    UNIX Systeembeheerder                   Phone: 053 4894615
i've not verified this yet but maybe it is a better solution...


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