WinXP SP1 problems with profiles

Bartlomiej Solarz-Niesluchowski B.Solarz-Niesluchowski at
Sat Sep 14 13:52:00 GMT 2002

At 08:23 2002-09-04 +0100, Romeril, Alan wrote:
>Hello Everyone,
>    Looks like this all starts again with the release of a new SP.... ( 
> One of the NT guys here has early access to it ).
>Profile loading to WinXP SP1 clients from Samba 2.2.6-2 / 2.2.4 / 2.2.3a 
>servers which don`t run winbindd do not work.
>Unfortunately setting nt acl support = no does not help as it did with 
>Win2K SP2 clients :(

I do not use winbind too but i have the same problem with profiles:

My logon samba serwer is RH73 (intel - samba 2.2.5) but userdirs are on 
different machine Solaris 8 (sparc - samba 2.2.5)

I tested that when I have in my logon serwer (oxygene - server with 
homedirs ibs4) in smb.conf:
         logon path = \\oxygene\%U\profile
         logon drive = z:
         logon home = \\oxygene\%U\profile

then no error like "cannot create profile on servers because there are 
permission problem" (disks from ibs4 are NFS mounted on oxygene)

but when I try to change those lines to:
        logon path = \\ibs4\%U\profile
        logon drive = z:
        logon home = \\ibs4\%U\profile

profile does not work.

BEFORE SP1 for XP there no such problem.

I suspect that this problem is limited for SOLARIS because on my different 
samba place (RH 73 intel, samba 2.2.5) there no such problem, and when i 
change "profile" host from ibs4 (solaris) to oxygene (rh 73) all works 

I try samba (on ibs4) compiled with and without acl support and tested nt 
acl support = yes and nt acl support = no, but without success.

Maybe samba team look in this problem (profiles do not work on XP with SP1 
(without SP1 all works) and samba 2.2.5 on Solaris 8 (on RH 73 all works 

Best Regards

Bartlomiej Solarz-Niesluchowski, Administrator WSISiZ
e-mail: B.Solarz-Niesluchowski at

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