The contents of NTLMSSP blobs

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Mon Sep 2 11:52:01 GMT 2002

On Mon, 2 Sep 2002, Jim McDonough wrote:

> >When it comes to the NTLMSSP challenge, apart from the challenge it self,
> >it also contains what looks like an NDR encoded top level ref to the
> >domain, this time in UCS2-LE, and then another NDR encoded top level ref
> >to what looks like another BLOB. This blob seems to contain:
> Richard,
> Please see my previous posting on this:
> The middle describes the NTLMSSP challenge.  The ULONG of zeroes is the end
> of the list (address type 0, length 0).

Yes, thanks. I also noticed the code in head which expresses essentially 
the same things.
> It's probably time to gather the info up into one place, so we don't have
> too many people rediscovering the and I are certainly not the
> first ones to do this.

I am interested in whether it look like NDR Encoded stuff as well. I will 
probably spend a small amount of time getting the NTLMSSP dissector to 
decode it as NDR to see what it looks like.

The list desctription for the BLOB within the BLOB looks spot-on. How did 
you figure that one out?

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