Solaris/Samba logon slowness

Andy Bakun abakun at
Tue Oct 29 16:58:06 GMT 2002

> 1.  WinXP logon/logoff is unbearably, excruciatingly, painfully, s*l*o*w.  
> 'loading your personal settings....' and 'saving your settings....' can take 
> upwards of 10 minutes for some users.  In the process, users either get 
> impatient and forcibly power off their machines/undock their notebooks, which 
> leads to data corruption and damaged profiles.  Sometimes, minutes into the 
> process, a '...could not update your [local|roaming] profile...' message will 
> appear.  Is there *anything* that can be done to help with this in the short 
> run?  (Not using Windows would be the best, but it's not an option.)

Verify that IE's cache isn't being stored in the user's profile.  That
has been the number one cause of long logon/logoff on my network. Go to
Internet Properties, General, Temporary Internet Files, Settings, Move
Folder.  I usually stick it in C:\TEMP.  Slight security issue, cache
may be accessible to other people use the same machine.  After you make
this change, it'll chug for a bit while it "moves things around", you
may want to "delete all offline content" first, it goes much faster then
(at least with IE5.5).


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