Solaris/Samba logon slowness

Len Laughridge llaughridge at
Tue Oct 29 15:53:17 GMT 2002


I've been following the thread about oplocks recently, and have been waiting 
for more info on the (now dormant) thread about Solaris fcntl() issues.

My server is a Sun E-250, 2x400MHz, 1-Gig RAM, lots of storage, samba 2.2.5

1.  WinXP logon/logoff is unbearably, excruciatingly, painfully, s*l*o*w.  
'loading your personal settings....' and 'saving your settings....' can take 
upwards of 10 minutes for some users.  In the process, users either get 
impatient and forcibly power off their machines/undock their notebooks, which 
leads to data corruption and damaged profiles.  Sometimes, minutes into the 
process, a '...could not update your [local|roaming] profile...' message will 
appear.  Is there *anything* that can be done to help with this in the short 
run?  (Not using Windows would be the best, but it's not an option.)

2.  I may upgrade to 2.2.6 tonight.  Is there anything special I should do 
besides ./configure && make && make install which could remedy the situation?

Thanks in advance.  I can post my smb.conf if needed, but I'll save the 
bandwidth until it's requested.

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