2nd attempt: Modify location of printerdriverfiles

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Nov 28 14:11:03 GMT 2002

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On Thu, 28 Nov 2002, "Kätzler, Ralf" wrote:

> I like to use a samba-server as printer-server for about >500 users with
> ~ 40 different printers. The client OS is NT4 or XP. The problem I
> encountered is that there are printerdrivers out there which use for
> different models dlls with the same name but the dlls are not compatible

Can you give more details on how you came up with this conclusion?

> - great!! - ! So only the last installed printer works flawless, because
> the dll for the other model is overwritten during driverinstall. My

This is basically a Windows design flaw which driver manufacturers have to 
very careful with.

> question: Is there a tool, which allows save tempering with the *.tdb,
> to change the path to the driverfiles or to change the behavior to rpc
> "getdriverinfo"? This way it would be possible to create an own
> driver-directory-structur and all those printerdriver related problems
> are gone...

No.  Not really, but what you would need to do is to modify the 
DRIVER_INFO_3 structure to reflect where you placed the files.

> Calling the printermanufactor is hopeless. The only answer I got is:
> This must be a problem with your OS... thanks for your help. :(

Was this HP?  If so contact me off list.

cheers, jerry
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