2nd attempt: Modify location of printerdriverfiles

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at xsec.it
Thu Nov 28 10:36:59 GMT 2002

That would change nearly nothnig, because the printer drivers will be
copyed in the same structure on the client and there you will find the
same naming problem.

It is a known windows problem (just faces some day ago with drivers for
2 HP laser printers on a windows 98 :-/)

If the Printer Manufacturer tell you so she is both right an wrong.

Right it is an OS problem, A windows OS problem.

Wrong the manufacter must know this issue and try not to make drivers
with overlapping names.

However you may try just a workaround. If any of your clients will use
only one printer, you may try some symlink + macro expansion tricks to
use different directories, but it may not work or corrupt badly your
printer settings and prnting related tdb file, so at your own risk:

- you may use a macro expansion on the print$ share path and then make a
number of directories that match that macro expansion

path = /usr/share/samba/%G/drivers

and have a pool of printers per group or other parameter.


On Thu, 2002-11-28 at 11:21, "Kätzler, Ralf" wrote:
> Hi!
> Maybe this time someone can give me a hint - or is my english that bad - so that nobody can catch the point - or my question is posted to the false list?
> Please each answer is welcome! Thank you!
> >Hello, Samba-Team, hello samba-freaks!
> >
> >My question/problem:
> >I like to use a samba-server as printer-server for about >500 users with ~ 40 different printers.
> >The client OS is NT4 or XP. The problem I encountered is that there are printerdrivers out there which use for different models dlls with the same name but the dlls are not
> >compatible - great!! - ! So only the last installed printer works flawless, because the dll for the other model is overwritten during driverinstall.
> >My question: Is there a tool, which allows save tempering with the *.tdb, to change the path to the driverfiles or to change the behavior to rpc "getdriverinfo"?
> >This way it would be possible to create an own driver-directory-structur and all those printerdriver related problems are gone...
> >
> >Greetings
> >Ralf
> Btw.: Redhat 8.0 and latest Samba.
> Calling the printermanufactor is hopeless. The only answer I got is: This must be a problem  with your OS... thanks for your help. :(
> Greetings
> Ralf
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