printing issues with 3.0 alpha 17 (HEAD) / windows XP

bkd3 at bkd3 at
Sat Jun 22 14:00:02 GMT 2002

When I try set up a printer share on Windows XP to a samba server 
connected to the printer and running one of the following: 

a) CVS HEAD branch, 

windows gives the following error:

Windows cannot connect to the printer.  There is not enough memory to 
complete this operation.  Please close some programs and try again.

I heard a rumor that the printing code from SAMBA_2_2 was being merged 
into the HEAD code.  What 3.0 code branch (I need PDC/LDAP functionality) 
should I use for correct printing?  If none of them is working yet, can 
anyone give pointers on what parts of the 2_2 code might need to be merged, 
so that I can come up with a patch?  I'm willing to do the work towards 
fixing the issue, but only if the job isn't already taken :)


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