DEBUG problem

Srinivas, Mohan mohan.srinivas at
Sat Jun 22 07:45:28 GMT 2002

Hi everybody, 

1) I am getting one strange error when i am putting DEBUG in the code. For 
example when i want to see the values of dirent structure in
vfswrap_readdir() routine 
(vfs_wrap.c file), 

i am adding 
DEBUG(0, ("\n the value :%s", result->d_name));
then after connecting to samba from a windows 2000 client, when i say dir
it is not showing any directories in that, and it is saying file not found.

and if replaced the above with 
DEBUG(5, ("\n the value :%s", result->d_name)); then it is working

can any body tell me why this behaviour?

2) and instead of that, suppose if i declare a variable called char *xyz,
and if i say xyz = result->d_name; it is giving no error and it is
Now if i say 

DEBUG(x, ("\n the value :%s", result->d_name));

then i am getting the same error as i explained in the point 1. 
ofcourse i tried with x ranging from 0 to 10. none of it worked.

can any body tell me why this behaviour?

waiting for the reply:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)


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