Netbench and Samba 2.2.1a

Don DeVitt don.devitt at
Thu Jun 13 08:07:01 GMT 2002

I am the colleague David reefers to below. I haven't had time
to update Dave on what I learned about this problem.

There is NO problem with Samba.

My problem was caused by the fact that NT mapped drives are not
accessible in exactly the same way by an application launched by
a Remote Shell Daemon as they are from applications that
are launched by the user from the desktop. The authentication is
some how different enough to make the drive inaccessible without
using the "security = share" smb.conf file setting. 
This problem is documented by NT version of the rshd software
( I initially missed it because 
I usually use the W98 version of the RSHD software where the problem 
does not occur.

There are other ways around the problem, but the "security = share" 
smb.conf file setting works is working fine for now.

 Don DeVitt

David Collier-Brown wrote:
>   A colleague who runs a benchmarking group noticed something
> bizarre lately: while working with Netbench 7.0.2 running against
> Samba version 2.2.1a on RH Linux 7.2 on a 2xPIII 1400Ghz machine...
> | I can "net use f: \\lab39\files1" OK to the Samba shares. I
> | can use WordPad to read and write files into the directory on
> | the Samba share. I just can't get Netbench to initialize and
> | use the share. It errors out saying "SetCurrentDirectory to
> | f:/alters. Failed"
> The workaround is to use security = share, rather than domain,
> but the implication is that something is incompatible in
> 2.2.x with Netbench.  As this is a popular benchmark (however
> flawed), it may come back to bite us!
> Has anyone on the team a netbench setup they can try, to see
> if this is reproducible with the newest Samba?
> --dave c-b
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