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Wed Jul 31 03:07:02 GMT 2002

"Lars O.Grobe" wrote:
> Hi list,
> again, I have to ask a question about problems using samba 3.0 - although I
> know that the cvs sources are not for production... ;-)
> I have a version of mid-july up and running, with the accounts in smbpasswd.
> However, I have two problems, one with group mappings, one with adding
> windows 2000 clients to the domain.
> I have my unix group users mapped to Power Users with smbgroupedit. As we use
> German windows 2000 clients, this group is named "Hauptbenutzer" on the
> machines. But the domain group seams not to be in the local group (Power
> Users is not listed in Hauptbenutzer). Is it necessary that the domain group
> exists at the time the client is added to the domain? The machines joined the
> domain when I had a samba 2.2-pdc, so I didn't have a power users group at
> that time. Do I have to re-join the domain, so that the clients can add the
> domein group to their local group? That's how I understand the howto from
> samba-3.0.

Simply mapping the groups should be sufficient - but I still think there
might be some gremlins in our group mapping code.

> The second question is about joining the domain. Has the code providing this
> functionality been broken in recent cvs-versions? I don't get my machines
> into the domain any more, while the machines I had in my 2.2-domain still
> work fine. BTW, will I still have to use the roor-account to add machines to
> the domain?

It should work - some detail on the failure might help.  Yes, you still
need to use the root account.

> So, basically, I would like to know if these things SHOULD work, so that I
> can continue finding the problem, trying new cvs-versions etc....

Running current CVS is always a good idea, but these indeed SHOULD work

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