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Tue Jul 30 04:34:01 GMT 2002

Ernst Cozijnsen wrote:
> I tought open-source was a non profit thing?.  hehehehe

Please do not repost spam!

As funny as this scam may sound, this scam is run by organized crime, 
and the some of the perpetrators are known to be murderers and worse.

This is known as a Nigerian 419 scam, and most countries have task 
forces that want to be notified about these e-mails.

If the scammer receives a traceable e-mail, they will use that 
information to steal the identity of the person.  The money scam 
mentioned in the spam is only a small part of the scam.

In addition to financial loss, you risk life and limb for you or your 
family if you correspond with anyone associated with this scam.

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