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I tought open-source was a non profit thing?.  hehehehe

>>> joepujeh at yahoo.com 07/30/02 11:33am >>>
REPLY TO:  joepujeh2 at rediffmail.com 

TELEPHONE: 00229-981587
FAX:       00229-338466

I am MR JOE PUJEH from SIERRA LEONE, a Country in
WEST AFRICA. My father is MR MOMOH PUJEH, former 
DEPUTY FINANCE MINISTER in Sierra Leone. My father and 
mother were arrested by the government of my Country 
and put in detention since 1st NOVEMBER, 2001. 
My parents were accused of keeping large quantity of 
DIAMONDS in the house, and also privately selling 
large quantity of DIAMONDS abroad. You can verify 
this from SIERRA LEONE EMBASSY in your country.  

I escaped to a hide out in BENIN REPUBLIC, another
Country in West African with 2 boxes containing
about Forty EIGHT Million U.S. dollars (US$48000000).
I kept the boxes in a TRUST COMPANY in COTONOU,Capital 
of BENIN REPUBLIC. For my safety and that of the boxes,
i did not let the company know that the boxes contain 
money.I told them that the boxes contain documents.

I cannot move about freely now. I need Your help
urgently for both SAFE KEEPING and INVESTING of this
money in your country. You are one of the three email 
contacts given to me by a Cyber Cafe' operator on my
request for a foreign contact. She did not tell me
your name or country of origin. Though I did not tell
her why I needed the contact of any foreigner.

Because of the urgent and confidential nature of this
business, you are advised to keep everything secret for 
now. if you are interested in doing this business with me, 
kindly reply immediately on my email Address for more
explanations. When replying, include your safe and private
telephone numbers for easy communications.
Kindly send your reply to:

joepujeh2 at rediffmail.com 

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation. 

Yours faithfully,
MR JOE PUJEH (For the family)
TELEPHONE: +229-981587
FAX:       +229-338466

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