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David Lee t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk
Mon Jul 8 09:41:02 GMT 2002

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Gerald Carter wrote:

> Someone is doing to need to own these.  They sound like
> solid ideas.  I've not followed the threads on them
> due to lack of time (but i do have a vague recollection).
> However, they all seem like icing to me.  In other words,
> they would be great to have, but we have lived without them.
> This said, if someone donates their time to do it,
> then great.  But I'm not sure if they are features which should 
> be placed on the "3.0 will not ship until these are done" 
> list.

Thanks for the reply, Gerald.  Appreciated!

In those items (reminder: "panic action", "session exec", event mechanism) 
I was, like you, attempting just such discrimination.  Each has a vital
"core" (or "foundational") component, then each has its "layer of icing". 

So I was suggesting that the Samba Team could concentrate their efforts on
those core aspects, and leave the icing to those of us who then need to
develop our own "applications" on top of this.

"panic action": the core aspect was simply that someone (I think on the
Samba Team) had mentioned an issue with appropriately opening the logfile.

"session exec":  Andrew B. had mentioned his plan to provide this hook,
so presumably has his ideas of what he would do and where (and that it is
realistic for him to do it).

event mechanism:  Jeremy had mentioned the desirability of doing this, and
identified the rather intricate problems that would need to be considered,
requiring someone with deep knowledge of that area. 

Once each of those is in place, then the rest of us can "ice the cake".
But we can't ice a cake which isn't there.

To me (am I alone?), the great advantage of 3.0 seems to be not so much
your list's added functionality in itself (though that would and will be
great!), but the modularisation which allows a much wider group of people
to contribute into such functionality.

[ Note the parallels both to the VFS work, and also to Andrew B's passdb
restructuring:  the core Samba Team have provided the core structure,
others can provide the plug-in modules. ]

Keep up the good work, and thanks for a great product.


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