Suggested Improvement for Mailing List Digest Mode

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Tue Jan 29 06:54:35 GMT 2002

I had to give up on Digest mode because so many people are now sending HTML
and other forms of structured mail that it became tedious to read the digest
form.  To my surprise, I find that I actually prefer non-digest mode because
I can ignore specific threads that don't interest me.

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Not sure if this is the appropriate place to make this suggestion, so
please pass it on if not.

I would like to suggest that  the digest list of messages to Samba
needs a maximum number of messages per digest.
I think about 20-25 would be a good number.

I just find it difficult to trawl through a digest with 40-50 messages
and think that sending smaller, more frequent digests would
be nice if it's not too hard to implement.



p.s. just like to remind everyone about the Tek-Tips Samba web site:

thanks again

= )

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