lanman apis 47 and 53

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Jan 23 05:43:04 GMT 2002

Kevin Stefanik wrote:
> I've implemented these two calls (NetUserEnum and NetGroupEnum) in
> smbd/lanman.c (enclosed patch is against 2.2.2).  The NetGroupEnum is still
> hard coded to return the basic non-administration groups but the
> UserGroupEnum goes to the passdb enumeration to get the usernames.  Is there
> work going on somewhere on unix-domain group mappings?  Also, if there are
> too many user names to fit in the client buffer, it just ignores the
> remaining names and sets the error flag to 234 (overflow error number from
> clirap2.c).
> I hope this is useful for others.  It seems to work here.

If you can re-diff - as diff -u - this against HEAD and check it still
works I'll apply it.  You might want to look at the group mapping code
if you are really keen.  Bonus points for creating a common function
that both places call, but thats not required.

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