samba 3.0.alpha13 and LDAP filter

Dirk Kastens Dirk.Kastens at
Thu Jan 17 07:30:06 GMT 2002


I installed samba 3.0.alpha13 with ldapsam on RedHat 7.2. 
The "ldap filter" option doesn't seem to work. I'm using the
IBM Secureway LDAP server 3.2.2 and added the sambaAccount
objectclass. Everything works fine, I can change the 
password with smbpasswd, etc. I also added the workstation
account "myws$" for my workstation "myws". My Windows 2000
username is "dkastens". When I try to connect to a share,
the samba server uses the filter 
no matter to what I set the filter option, e.g.

Any ideas?

Dirk Kastens

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