lanman apis 47 and 53

Kevin Stefanik kstef at
Mon Jan 21 08:22:02 GMT 2002

I've implemented these two calls (NetUserEnum and NetGroupEnum) in
smbd/lanman.c (enclosed patch is against 2.2.2).  The NetGroupEnum is still
hard coded to return the basic non-administration groups but the
UserGroupEnum goes to the passdb enumeration to get the usernames.  Is there
work going on somewhere on unix-domain group mappings?  Also, if there are
too many user names to fit in the client buffer, it just ignores the
remaining names and sets the error flag to 234 (overflow error number from

I hope this is useful for others.  It seems to work here.


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On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 10:09:30AM -0500, Kevin Stefanik wrote:
> I've been trying to get Snap Servers (NAS from Meridian, now Quantum)
> working with Samba 2.2.2 as PDC.  The only thing that didn't work right
> was getting the group and user lists from the PDC for the Snap's security.
> The snap is using two lanman api functions that Samba doesn't yet
> The 47 api just returns a list of groups (21 byte strings), so I copied
> NetUserGetGroups api code and took out the UserName part.  The 53 api was
> the same, but users, so I just changed the hard-coded group names to
> hard-coded user names.  This works fine- the snap is happy, and it gets
> user/groups lists, authenticates, etc.
> I do have a question, though.  I'd like to make this actually get the real
> user list, if not a meaningful group list as well.  (I vaguely recall
> reading that there's some work going on to support Windows groups?)
> the best way to get a user list and/or group list from within this code?
> Also, I'd be glad to fix the NetUserGetGroups up, too, if there's a
> straight-forward interface to user/group information.
> Also, does anyone know of the 'name' for these two api calls?

As Andre Tridgell is now working for Quantum, expect the support for
this to get a lot better soon.

I'll ask him about the missing lanman RAP calls.


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