netbios over tcp/ip on samba

Tony tony at
Mon Jan 14 06:04:02 GMT 2002

hello everybody,

i need is to develop two applications, to communicate to each other
using API netbios over tcp/ip for linux.
the client application will be running on windows and the server
application will be running on linux.

the scenario is :
a client program (running on windows) that sends messages (using
netbios over tcp/ip) to a server application (running on linux redhat
7.1 or 7.2).

 i know that the netbios over tcp/ip is implemented, in linux, by

but i didn't find anything that seems like the netbios functions that
i used for windows/os2.

what i need is to know how i do this things in linux :
- add netbios name
- send and receive messages
- remove netbios name

can you help me ?

thank's in advance.
tony ;-)

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