static functions

andreas moroder claudiamoroder at
Sun Feb 24 06:07:03 GMT 2002


the documentations tells us to use static functions where possible.
While doing other tings I found functions that are used only locally, but are 
not defined as static, like

groupdb/mapping.c add_all_privilege
groupdb/mapping.c check_empty_privilege
lib/username.c:   Get_Pwnam_internals
lib/md5.c:        MD5Transform
./lib/util_str.c:smb_ucs2_t *all_string_sub_w
./printing/printing.c:void broadcast_printer_notify
./rpc_server/srv_pipe.c:BOOL check_bind_req

would it be ok if I prepare a patch for all funtions used only locally and 
not defined as static ?


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