CRLF / LF conversion, all over again

David Brodbeck DavidB at
Thu Feb 21 05:37:02 GMT 2002

I've seen text logfiles that got well into the megabyte range.

The thing that makes me uncomfortable about all this is the business of
having to try to figure out what's a text file and what isn't.  Sooner or
later you're going to guess wrong, with unfortunately results.  Even  basing
it on file extensions isn't foolproof -- I've had FTP clients guess wrong
when presented with a file extension they weren't familiar with.  The
current approach is consistant, and I like consistancy when it comes to
software that I'm depending on to handle files correctly.

I can suggest some good Windows text editors that understand UNIX line
endings, and can convert between UNIX and MS-DOS conventions.  Going the
other direction is usually less of a problem, since the majority of UNIX
tools will deal with CRLF line endings okay.

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- 5k at the end of 600Mb file .. text files are typically small. Odds are,
if it's 600Mb, it's binary. (at least in my case I don't have text files
that go above 100kb).

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