VFS_recycle config in Samba 3.0alpha21-1

c.maxwell at a-r-m.com.au c.maxwell at a-r-m.com.au
Wed Dec 4 05:46:00 GMT 2002

Hi all.

I've been running this on a production network for just under a week
now, since I had huge problems getting 2.2.7 to accept new workstations
in the domain.. Anyway

I can't seem to find any documentations on how to set up the vfs_recycle
module, as it completely ignores the "vfs options=/etc/samba....."

I gather from the source that it uses parametric options.

How do I configur parametric options??

vfs_recycle.c tells me the names of the values it is looking for, but I
don't know what to put in smb.conf.

Any help appreciated.


Cameron Maxwell.

BTW: Samba 3 is very very nice so far, the smbgroupedit command makes my
life just that much easier :-)

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