DB Record Locking Problem

Dan Phillips dan at gci.net
Wed Dec 4 04:40:01 GMT 2002

I have an intermittent problem with a database program and the locking
mechanism therein.  The program is called OPTO and is an older DOS program
that has been upgraded to run on any of the windows platforms.  I should
mention that the entire program, each and every file, is located on the
server.  I recently installed a new server running SuSE v8.1 and Samba
v2.2.5.  I've copied all of the data from the Netware 3.12 server to the
samba server and now were having problems w/ the Opto program.  There are
multiple Win2k workstations that all run Opto.  Opto does not "always"
know that someone else is also in the opto program and therefore does not
perform the correct record locking.  Sometimes if there are five users
running Opto, only two or maybe three of the stations will recognize that
others are also in the database.

Another example, everyone out of Opto, I fire up opto on just two of the
machines, they see each other.  Close one of the sessions, the other sees
that it's the only user running opto.  Now, fire Opto back up on that
machine and the other may see that there's someone else in opto or may
not.  It's a total flip of the coin whether Opto will recognize that
others are in opto or not.

Opto has a keystroke combo that will take you to a screen showing version
information, environment info, network info as well as the number of users
that are currently running its software.

I have verified that each and every station is running from the same drive
mapping, and program executable.  Even SWAT (status) shows that each user
is running Opto and also shows that each and every user has the same files
opened as:
        Sharing         DENY_NONE
        R/W             RDWR
        Oplock          NONE

Can anyone make any suggestions?  I'm running out of ideas.

---  Thanks, Dan Phillips

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