Samba 2.2.3a on Solaris 8

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Mon Apr 22 10:20:04 GMT 2002

David Lee wrote:
> In other words, perverse though it may at first seem, might Solaris sites
> be seeing this problem because Solaris is a _good_ OS, capable of being
> pushed to such limits?  (Have other OSes stumbled on the lower slopes of
> the load mountain?)

	Formally, this is a bottleneck problem, caused
	by the slow parts of the system not being up to
	the standards of the rest.

	Depending on hat worn, you can make it a compliment
	(most of the system is fast) or and insult (part
	of the system is slow). I'll leave that to the
	interested paries
 	As an engineer, I'd prefer it not happen at all if
	I can't fix it, and for it to be a Sun bug if I can.
	My initial thought is it's partially die to a locking
	bottleneck and partly due to the algorithm using
	the lock being unbounded-time.

For RTTL background, see
and Ostroff, J.S. "Temporal Logic for Real-Time Systems".
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