problems with VFS interface / audit.c example

Rainer Link link at
Fri Apr 5 10:12:01 GMT 2002


> > Is the current VFS interface in CVS considered stable? Or will it change
> > a lot until 2.4.4 release? If no, I'll "fix" my samba-vscan stuff to
> > work with Samba 2.4.4, too.
> I'm expecting the current VFS to be stable-ish.... :-). In that we

Hehe :-) I do a CVS check-out right now.

> may need to modify it some in the future but it seems fairly complete
> at the moment.

Ok. Hum, IIRC Alexander Bokovoy works on stackable (cascaded?) VFS
modules? Alexander, any news? I'd assume, this will mean a big change of
the VFS interface (again)?

> If you fix the samba-vscan module and send in the code I can
> add it to the VFS directory and we'll try and keep it maintained
> with Samba releases.

Well, the current version (0.2.4) can be found at - I'm not quite
sure, if it fits to the example section of Samba. Well, I'll fix it asap
and send you the files and you can just decided, if you want to add it
to the Samba sources or not. :-)

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