printcap name = cups doesn't work

Dr. Hansjoerg Maurer hansjoerg.maurer at
Fri Sep 28 06:07:03 GMT 2001


I am  using an actual 2.2. CVS on Linux in conjunction with cups-1.10.

About two month ago I had to use printcap name = cups in order to make
it work.

If I am using this parameter now, none of my CUPS printers are shown.

If I don't use this parameter, printing works over lpr as the log shows
(no lpq entry in smb.conf)
 -> Running the command `lpq -Php2100' gave 0

With printcap name = cups and printing directly over cups (not over lpr)
the queue information is shown much faster and
the windows jobname is shown in the Unix queue to.

I have tried to look into the source (subdir printing) , but hmmm...,
don't k now where to start.

The interesting point is, that it allready has worked for me.

If someone needs additional information let my no.
I cant test it under Linux and Solaris.



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