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Fri Sep 28 05:45:02 GMT 2001

The message means exactly what it says - a client has done something (some
application, or funtion of the os) that has sent samba a ioctl request via
the nt transact smb, and the particular ioctl function that it is requesting
is not implemented in samba.  This does NOT in and of itself indicate that
there is any problem - most well written applications and windows services
do this; attempt to do something, and if they get an not implemented error,
fall back to a different way of doing it.

So unless you are having a specific FUNCTIONALITY problem (Samba is not
reading/writing/locking files, etc) that you can tie to this error message,
ignore it.
Hope this helps,

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Help me please

samba 2.0.7

Operating system   aix 4.3.3

in error log i have the next messages:

<27>Sep 26 14:17:54 smbd[30478] : call_nt_transact_ioctl: currently not

<27>Sep 26 14:17:54 smbd[30478] : [2001/09/26 14:17:54, 0]


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