rereading smb.conf **almost** works

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Sep 27 06:00:02 GMT 2001

tony shepherd wrote:  
| if "printcap name" is set to "lpstat -v" to create the printer
| shares, this is only read when the parent smbd is started, not
| when each new process for each connection is started. 
| What this means is that if you change printer queues in
| /etc/printers.conf or the printers.conf.byname NIS map, all 
| smbd processes need to be re-started for the shares to be viewable 
| (sending a HUP does not help either :( ).

	This looks like a smallish bug: the printer
	code loosk as if it should work, but I
	can't see where it will re-call print_svid.c...

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