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Rafal Szczesniak mimir at
Thu Sep 20 04:52:02 GMT 2001

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Sanvir Singh Jham wrote:

> Hello All,


> I am running an M$ NT as DHCP+WINS for my LAN. Now, I want to switch
> this over to a Debian (potato), I have successfully installed and
> configured dhcpd+samba as  WINS.  Everything runs fine except,  one more
> debian m/c which is my  mailserver and does not have samba installed
> (neither intended), does not get resolved on M$ Win9x clients, when they
> try to connect to the mailserver.

Maybe I did not get you right, but don't you need also the dns
server ?

> However, this is not a problem with
> the NT setup.
> I have checked the wins.dat file and there is no entry for this debian
> mailserver.

It won't be recorded in wins.dat unless it doesn't announce itself as
NetBIOS host. That is to say, you have to install samba (or some other
SMB software) on the mailserver in order to get it recorded in

> I tried to manually put an entry, but then this does not
> last for long. Also, I have noticed that, when the machines are being
> added to DHCP lease list, this static entry in the wins.dat gets erased.

That's not going to work since, afaik, wins.dat is filled and
maintained by the nmbd daemon. It's not like the /etc/hosts or zone
file for dns server.

> I have not been able to complete the migration from NT to Linux for
> DHCP+WINS due to this :-(

Don't give up :)

> Samba verison is  2.0.7-3

I would suggest 2.2.x (or at least 2.0.9, for security reasons),
although it's not essential to get your problems fixed.

> Looking forward to all the help on this.

Did you try asking samba at ? That's probably better
place to solve such problems.

> Thanks and Regards,
> Sanvir Jham

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