WINS static entry support (Re: WINS again ;-))

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Mon Sep 24 09:06:15 GMT 2001

Two things about the message below:

1) Monyo's right.  If you force a zero TTL then, when nmbd restarts and 
   re-reads the WINS.dat file (which acts as a persistant cache) then it 
   believe that the zero entry is permanent and not require a refresh.
   *UNLESS* another node tries to register the same name (as a unique

   If another node tries to register the same name as a unique name, then
   I'm not sure what Samba will do.  Most likely, though, it will send a
   query to the current holder(s) of the name to see if any of them still 
   claim the name.  If it gets no reply it may flush the record.

2) In most cases Samba only stores one address per group name.  This is 
   broken, but it is what Microsoft does.  The #1C names are special
   cases.  Microsoft did a bad job of implementing group name 
   support--particularly the NBDD service. 

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> On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, TAKAHASHI Motonobu wrote:
> > wins.dat file is read when nmbd starts and write-back when nmbd stops.
> > So, if you modify wins.dat manually, first you should stop nmbd.
> > And then please add entries like:
> >
> > "SAMBA#1c" 0 e4R
> >            |                             ~~~ <-- means NetBIOS group name
> >            | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <-- multiple IP addresses is
> >            |                                 seperated with a space
> >            +-- TTL = 0 means forever
> >
> > "DONAU#20" 0 64R
> >                            ~~~ <-- means NetBIOS unique name
> >        ~~ <-- suffix must be written with lower case.
> >
> > and restart nmbd.
> >
> > This probably works well, but not much tested.
> > Please examine and I want a report from you :-)
> Monyo, wouldn't it expire after a period of time, if wins server did
> not receive an announcement from the (recorded-by-hand) host ?
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