SWAT i18n

Deniz Akkus Kanca deniz at arayan.com
Wed Sep 19 10:20:02 GMT 2001

> Now I am working on my working CVS repository name samba-head at
>   http://cvs.samba.gr.jp/
> You can get the entire archive from here.

In the swat directory, should we not have the "internationalized" gifs and
translations of welcome.html? Without this, swat looks pretty English still.

> >I like Takahashi's solution, with an extra descriptive line in the local
> >language and the parameters in English. It does not touch the parameter
> >at all, and provides meaning for non English speakers.
> >http://www1.samba.gr.jp/~monyo/swat1.jpg
> This feature is not included but can be easily included.

I vote for this feature. Any chance of getting it in?

Best regards,

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