SWAT i18n

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at home.monyo.com
Wed Sep 19 20:45:02 GMT 2001

Deniz Akkus Kanca wrote:
>> Now I am working on my working CVS repository name samba-head at
>>   http://cvs.samba.gr.jp/
>> You can get the entire archive from here.
>In the swat directory, should we not have the "internationalized" gifs
>and translations of welcome.html? Without this, swat looks pretty
>English still.

Yes, sorry I forgot to mention them.

Like manual pages and SWAT html files, first we can decide where to
put them. Now These files are installed manually as I mentioned:

Now you should manually installed them. For SWAT files, you need to
create /usr/local/samba/swat/lang/$ln/{help,images,include} and also
create /usr/local/samba/swat/using_samba/lang/$ln/using_samba and
installed files under proper directories.

In Samba Japanese Edition, we put them at
swat/$ln/{help,images,include}. Is this OK?

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