SWAT i18n

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at samba.gr.jp
Wed Sep 19 02:49:02 GMT 2001


At last I want to merge SWAT i18n feature in current HEAD branch.

>Internationalisation and better charset support is one of the main
>goals of Samba 3.0 as compared to 2.2, and as the 3.0 devel branch is
>the head branch we might as well keep it there for now.
>So please go ahead and commit stuff to head when you think it is ready
>for a wider audience.

To commit two directories source/po and source/intl are added in the
repository. Is this OK?

Now I am working on my working CVS repository name samba-head at
You can get the entire archive from here.

I checked to display SWAT interface correctly at ja, pl and tr locale.

Deniz Akkus Kanca wrote:
>I like Takahashi's solution, with an extra descriptive line in the local
>language and the parameters in English. It does not touch the parameter file
>at all, and provides meaning for non English speakers.

This feature is not included but can be easily included.

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
>One request though - I think we should have a "lang" subdirectory for
>languages. For example the ja Samba currently uses /swat/ja/ for the
>Japanese SWAT templates, whereas I think we should probably use
>/swat/lang/ja. That will scale a little better when we eventually get
>dozens of languages in there.


Andrew Tridgell wrote:
>I finally added "display charset". Sorry it took so long.
>Now we need to convert SWAT plus a bunch of other places to use
>d_printf(), then we can get back to the core character set issues that
>are still a problem for Japanese.

As far as I examined, now we need to use the same locale display
charset and unix charset. It has something wrong, but SWAT itself

TAKAHASHI Motonobu wrote:
>It seems that strchr_m() does not support multibyte codepages.

This problem is fixed.

Though I modified installman.sh and uninstallman.sh, i18n manual pages
and HTML and image files used by SWAT are not installed because they
are not included in the archive.

Now you should manually installed them. For SWAT files, you need to
create /usr/local/samba/swat/lang/$ln/{help,images,include} and also
create /usr/local/samba/swat/using_samba/lang/$ln/using_samba and
installed files under proper directories.

First we need to determine how to include them.

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