Looking for assistance installing Samba-2.2-cvs + LDAP correctly

Michael Weisbach mwei at tuts.nu
Thu Sep 13 02:13:03 GMT 2001

Hello folks,
Hi Shahms,

after some days of playing arround with Samba 2.2 from CVS and OpenLDAP
2.0.12 I'm looking for some people who could help me to get this stuff
up'n'running. I've only partial success even after some 'reverse
engineering' (reading sources ;-).

My prefered solution:

- Samba 2.2 from CVS with --with-ldap
- OpenLDAP 2.0.x
- Samba as PDC with domain logon, logon scripts at all
  remark: this is working without LDAP very well on my site
- Clients are W2k workstations (currently SP1 - but SP2 upcoming)

Problems rigth now:

- I'm confused about which are the minimal and right informations inside
  LDAP needed for right operations (sambaAccount stuff, groups etc.)

- I can use sambaAccount's stored in LDAP to connect to shares, but I'm
  unsure about the real needed informations - I've a mix out of
  posixAccount and sambaAccount stuff

- could'nt join a W2k workstation to this environment. Seems to be a
  problem with my maschine accounts inside LDAP directory - once again,
  a prober sample maschine account whould be really helpfull
  remarks: within samba-logs I got a message that admin could connect
  with admin-privs... but W2k reports something like "invalid account or
  password" (I'll provide some debug outputs later on, but did'nt working
  on my test environment rigth now).


Could anyone provide me a 'real life' sample (schema files, sample
ldif's and maybe some scripts to insert initial samba accounts, user and
maschine accounts, slapd.conf etc.). I've found various different
solutions / links etc. doing this different. What's the right pointers to
the nessecary informations?

Is there a working solutions at all?

Do I need --with-ldapsam for this 'basic' LDAP setup? IMHO not. Which
additional schemas, initial entries and so on I need to get this also

Thxn a lot,
keep hacking,

	-- Micha

P.S. Yes, I know - all LDAP stuff is 'under construction' :) but I'm very
interessted in getting some experiences on that.

HAL2001 - 10.-12. August 2001 - was great! :))
Campsite University of Twente, the Netherlands
http://www.hal2001.org/ and http://micha.tuts.nu/hal2001/

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