Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Sep 13 00:52:21 GMT 2001

> Also, I would like to say I am discouraged by the apparent lack of interest
> in samba-tng.  

it's a matter of time, resources and money.

at present, there has been no interest to date from any party
in ensuring that TNG development is funded, and it _does_ take
up time.

elrond earns his way and can spare maybe one hour a day, from home.

sander is working on a paying commercial project and doesn't
have time.

i am focussing on, getting freedce up and running,
and finding a job.

[for me, this is basically back to square one, like it was
back in 1997 when i was surrounded by second-hand 486s at home,
and walked 30 mins to CB1 cafe with a floppy disk to copy over
a tarball of the cvs repository and upload it from there -
hence, jeremy, if you're reading this, all the complaints
you were making at the time about compile / commit errors:
it took 90 minutes to do a full build.

_this_ time i have a hell of a lot more responsibility and
financial committment to keep up with] is hosted, kindly, by marc sherman ( is kindly hosted by stuart (

i have one machine that's of any practical use.  elrond has
access to university resources, but they're not under his
control.  sander has the resources he needs for his paying
commercial project.

we don't have MSDN or any other resources other than those
which people are prepared to offer (thanks joe d.) or which
people happen to manage to get hold of (i lost my NT4 server
cd about 18 months ago, and one of my other vital tools,
the floppy disk has been destroyed).

does this help answer your question as to why there is
an apparent lack of interest in samba TNG?

so, if there's anyone who is prepared to ensure that the key
developers of TNG receive funding to guarantee continued
development, or even to offer _basic_ resources such as
software plus licenses, we'd love to hear from you.

in the mean-time, we will continue to appreciate any assistance
and interest from people (thanks v. much, peter) who are
prepared to put in whatever time they can, and will continue
also to put in whatever time we can, in the interests of
the open source community and the samba tng user community.


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