RFC: Username mapping for HEAD

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Thu Sep 13 05:49:02 GMT 2001

I'm looking into the various ways that usernames can be better mapped in
the HEAD development branch.  My concern is that the current mapping is
haphazard and prone to error, and I wish to change it in line with my
AuthRewrite code.

I'm thinking about having 3 usernames inside samba:
username_wire - the username exactly as specified on the wire
username_mapped - this username after it has been mapped on a global
basis (username map = )
username_unix - the username that is actually used on the unix system
The last of these will be pulled straight from the passdb, which *may*
in turn be based on the system tables.  This is where forms like
domain\username and GetPwnam() will be done and where users will be
dynamically added if nonexistent.  This also allows (given a suitable
passdb) for us to create more than one user per uid - something I would
like for build_farm testing.

Any ideas/comments?

Andrew Bartlett

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