Problem with lost delayed write data

Deniz Akkus Kanca deniz at
Tue Sep 11 01:22:31 GMT 2001


We are having intermittent problems saving data on to our Samba server.
Error message is "lost delayed write data"

To circumvent this problem, we disabled network redirector file caching by
altering and/or adding parameters in the registry on the NT machine, namely


We've set them all to 0's.  Problem has decreased but still occurs during
periods of high user activity.

We have the following configuration:

Samba server:
Dual CPU, CUR-DLS Asus Motherboard,
2 Gig PCI100 ECC RAM,
200 Gig HD (3Ware RAID)
Software: RH 7.1 XFS 1.0.1 running Samba 2.2.1a

NT Terminal Server:
4 CPU, Supermicro S2QE6 Motherboard,
2Gig PCI100 ECC RAM,
60 Gig HD (SCSI 160, not RAID)
Software: NT Terminal Server Ed. Service Pack 6.

Network is Switched 100Mbit Ethernet

The NT Terminal Server serves around 50 IBM NetStations.
User home directories are kept on the Samba Server.

Problem occurs most often with files that have been opened and kept open
(and idle) for hours and with files bigger than 10 MB.

When problem occurs, NT user tries to save something, but ends up corrupting
the start of the file.

Has anybody else seen this problem?  Any clues as to where this is coming

I'd appreciate any help you can give on this matter.

Best regards,

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