[IDEA+RFC] Command line util for modifying services

Steven French sfrench at us.ibm.com
Tue Sep 11 06:44:02 GMT 2001

> It would be nice if it used the SMB URL syntax...
>Chris -)-----

Interesting idea.   In the current implementation we have followed
smbclient usage for the three options for specifying a target server for
the call  (since NT/Win2K net command did not offer the equivalent except
for the single example of the NET VIEW command).  The target server may be
chosen by specifying one of the following:
     -S  <server_name>    or
     -I   <ip_address>        or in a few cases (e.g. enumerating servers)
     -w <workgroup_or_domain_name>
So far using none of the above target options will default to using
localhost as the target but that could be changed in a few cases since
there are certainly a few instances in which an smb URL would make sense
e.g.  "net share delete smb://server_name/share_name" makes sense but in
those cases we probably should support the same thing without the "smb:" as
well  (as the net command from the OS/2 e-Business Server did) i.e.
     "net share delete //server_name/share_name"

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