Turkish translations for swat

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at samba.org
Sun Sep 9 12:30:02 GMT 2001

>Attached please find Turkish translations for swat. It is a compressed tar
>file, contents:

I will check it later.

>In the Printers page, swat hard codes English in -- this makes the page look
>pretty ugly in my opinion. Any plans to include this into the .po files?

If your word order bothers you, using %1$s, %2$s instead of %s may help
you. Do you know this gettext feature?

>Also, not having the parameter names in the local language makes the
>program pretty cryptic for a non-English user. What can we do to make
>it more understandable for a non-English speaker?

We did once in original Japanese version, 
please look at http://www1.samba.gr.jp/~monyo/swat1.jpg.
This version shows one line description per each parameter. Do you
prefer it?

>I have not yet translated the numerous help pages. Where does one go for
>translating these? (Where in the source tree I mean, I assume they are
>generated from a single location)

Sorry, this is not fixed yet, I think.

>I'd appreciate it if you would merge the attached translations into the

Yes, of course :-)

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