smbmount and NFS? + ERRDOS 66 (smbmount 2.2.1a)

Andrew Church achurch at
Mon Sep 3 21:53:02 GMT 2001

     (I apologize ahead of time if this is not the correct forum for this
question; if not, please direct me to the right place to ask.)

     I've got an (admittely unusual) problem cropping up on my local
network: files inside subdirectories on an SMB mount don't seem to be
visible through NFS.  My network setup is like this:

  innerbox               outerbox
( ------- (          W2Kserver
                       ( ------- (
 /nfs/share             /smb/share         //W2Kserver/share

innerbox is firewalled from the outer network, so it can't mount the Win2k
server's share directly; what I decided to do instead was mount the share
on outerbox, then NFS-export that to innerbox.

     Unfortunately, that didn't quite work; outerbox can mount the share
just fine(*), but when innerbox mounts that via NFS, only files and
directories in the top level of the share (i.e. /smb/share/filename on
outerbox) appear on innerbox (/nfs/share/filename), but files and
directories in lower levels (/smb/share/dir1/file2) are not visible;
directories in the share's top level all appear empty on innerbox.  Does
anyone have any idea why this might happen?

(*) This was with samba 2.0.3; I tried upgrading to 2.2.1a, and now I
    can't even mount the share on outerbox--I get "tree connect failed:
    ERRDOS - 66".  What does this mean and how can I remedy it?

     Incidentally, I've noticed that while there's plenty of documentation
on setting Samba up as a server, there's almost none on using it as a
client for accessing non-Samba shares.  Am I missing something or is this
just an oversight?

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at

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