lower and upper case ws names problem

Toomas Soome tsoome at ut.ee
Tue Sep 4 02:41:57 GMT 2001

samba 2.2.1a problem - we tried to join NT4 ws to samba domain - if
domain admin and password was provided in ws dialog all went ok and host
joined successfully with domain.

if WS trust account was made in server then we failed. and reason is

[2001/09/04 10:48:15, 0] smbd/reply.c:session_trust_account(476)
  session_trust_account: Trust account TPRIIT$ user doesn't exist

now, the problem is that we are useing nis+ smbpasswd table and names in
this table are case sensitive. if we provide domain admin name and
password in workstation, samba will create lower case name for ws, if
not, the upper case name is used.... 

any hint for quick fix (It will take some time for me to search in

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