magic directory names in print$ share

Tim Potter tpot at
Mon Nov 12 18:47:20 GMT 2001

Right - I've debugged not creating a W32X86 directory under my print$
share for the last time.  (-:  It's time to fix it.

I propose another parameter (noooooo!) that specifies the printer driver
architectures that are supported for point and print which defaults to
just W32X86.  The first time a user connects to the share if these
architecture directories do not exist then they are created.

Some problems I see here:

 - what userid to create these directories as?  How about the userid of
   the first user with write access to connect?

 - everyone hates more parameters (-:

 - probably some things I haven't thought of, hence this posting

I realise that this behaviour is documented but it's pretty silly, and if
I can fall in to this hole multiple times then it is going to trap lots
of other people as well.


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