magic directory names in print$ share

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Mon Nov 12 19:10:03 GMT 2001

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Tim Potter wrote:

> Right - I've debugged not creating a W32X86 directory under my print$
> share for the last time.  (-:  It's time to fix it.

We were never supposed to create W32X86, WIN40, etc... automatically.
Only the "0", "2", "3", etc... subdirectories.

> I propose another parameter (noooooo!) that specifies the printer
> driver architectures that are supported for point and print which
> defaults to just W32X86.  The first time a user connects to the share
> if these architecture directories do not exist then they are created.

Why not just create them all by default?  It's spelled out in the
documentation that the admin should create the directoris beforehand.

> I realise that this behaviour is documented but it's pretty silly, and
> if I can fall in to this hole multiple times then it is going to trap
> lots of other people as well.

This complaint has not come up on samba at that I can remember.
If you want to do them automatically, just do them all and make them
set the permissions to be the owner/group from the top level of the
[print$] share.  Use the inherit permissions method to set perms.

No more parameters, please :-)

cheers, jerry
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