SnapServer NAS authenticating against samba PDC

John Rodkey rodkey at
Fri Nov 2 15:03:02 GMT 2001

I have several samba machines, each acting as PDC for their respective
domains.  Win9x machines are  authenticating with no difficulty against samba.  

I have recently acquired several SnapAppliances SnapServers, which I 
intend(ed?) to have as NAS storage for the domains.  However, when I
set the Snap up to authenticate against the samba server using names
and passwords that are known to work in win9x on the same server, the
SnapServer says it is unable to authenticate.  (What it's doing is downloading
the list of groups and users so they can be selected for an access list).

What magic do I have to apply to get a SnapServer to authenticate against
a samba PDC?  (I'd be happy to supply smb.conf, as needed, but perhaps I
can discuss off-line with someone who has been successful with this.)


        John Rodkey, Information Technology, Westmont College
			rodkey at

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